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Jason Samuel is a community activist who is passionate about supporting and mentoring
youth through restorative justice practices. After growing up in an environment plagued
by gangs, he joined a gang at the age of 14. At 17 he was arrested
and sentenced to life in prison for the attempted murder of a police officer.
Within the 22 years served in prison, Jason immersed himself in countless mentorship
and self-help programs to better understand his childhood and the decisions that lead up
to his incarceration. While finding himself he found his calling to give back to a
generation of young people who have shared similar life experiences.
Since coming home in 2019, he has continued to mentor, teach and lead workshops in
schools, churches, and community meet-ups. He is comfortable in front of audiences as
small as 1 and as large as 1,000. His mission is to help others gain healing from the
trauma that can lead to a life-altering decision. He hopes that his story can be used as a
preventive solution and help provide insight into the power of empathy and

Jason is uniquely qualified to support faculty, staff, and administrators at your school in
how to reach and best serve formerly incarcerated students throughout their college
education. Through his personal experience of mass incarceration, teaching himself to
read and write while in solitary confinement, to his parole and college attendance Jason
has great insight and understanding. In addition, his network of formerly incarcerated
students, librarians, and teachers provides invaluable information.
Jason’s work leads to greater understanding, greater compassion, assists faculty, staff
and admin in developing an equity lens and a social justice response to challenges and
educational challenges.


October 29, 2022:        Santa Clara University Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministry

                                       “The Power of Victim Offender Dialogues”
June 11, 2022               Amplify Voices - “Restoring Humanity”
March 17, 2022            National Center on Restorative Justice, Vermont Law School, VT
                                       “The Power of Forgiveness: A Story of Harm, Healing, and

March 2, 2022              UC Santa Barbara Literature of Juvenile Justice
                                        “Restorative Justice and Racial Disparity”

October 27, 2021          Institute on Public Safety & Social Justice, Adler University, IL
                                         raining Restorative Justice facilitators to prepare people who
                                         caused severe violence for Dialogues

March 3, 2021               UC Santa Barbara Literature of Juvenile Justice class
                                        “Restorative Justice and Triad of Harm and Healing”

November, 2019            The Beat Within & Urban School
                                          ongoing quarterly “Restorative justice, Mass Incarceration, Trauma and Healing,
                                          Self-compassion, Community-building, Family Dynamics”
February 28, 2019         Alameda County Juvenile Hall, San Leandro, CA

                                         “Change & Redemption”

February 14, 2019         Alameda County Juvenile Hall, San Leandro, CA

                                          “The Power of Restorative Justice”

January 11, 2019           Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship & Oakland Dream Center

                                          “The Power of Forgiveness and Restorative Justice”

January 10, 2019           McClymonds High School, Oakland, CA

                                         “The Power of Forgiveness and Restorative Justice”

January 10, 2019           Life Academy High School, Oakland, CA
                                         “From Prisoner to College Student”

Nov- March 2018            Facilitator, KCAT: Kids Creating Awareness Together

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